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Throughout their early years, the brothers spent much of their time immersed in the natural world. With countless childhood holidays roaming the dense jungles and twisting coastline of Sri Lanka, the brothers grew up with a deep-rooted appreciation for nature. As adults they continue to foster this connection, embracing the often magical intricacies and sheer natural beauty of this tropical island.

This passionate love for nature, along with a clear understanding of the dire need to fight for and preserve what remains of our diverse natural world, grew into a passion for environmental conservation that is reflected in all aspects of the Salty Swamis ethos.



Though it can be a challenge to remain environmentally responsible while working in tourism and hospitality, we do everything we can to reduce and mitigate any potential harm our business may cause. We at Salty Swamis strive to maintain a zero single-use plastic policy in our café, while also ensuring our suppliers provide us with reusable packaging. We also provide free filtered water and encourage all our customers to refill their bottles throughout the day.

We believe that small steps like this aid in restoring and safeguarding biodiversity and ecosystems, a vital step in the fight for combating climate change. It is our main goal, as a business, to maintain an environmentally conscious approach, while also encouraging others to play their part.


Durable and sustainable fabrics are vital for quality pieces of clothing. This is why we source only the best material for our products. All our fabrics are either certified organic and responsibly dyed (OEKO-TEX standard-100 and GOTS 

certified) or locally sourced from garment industry waste material. 


In order to mitigate some of the carbon footprint caused by importing fabric into the island, we pledge 1% of all revenue to The Parrotfish Collective, a not-for-profit organization that aims to educate, inspire and mobilize local communities towards environmental stewardship. Salty Swamis is also certified by the Good Market as a sustainable, socially and environmentally conscious business.


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