FAQ's are the frequently asked questions we get at Salty Swamis contact us if you don't see your answer below of would like to give us feedback.

Where is your coffee FROM?

We use Soul Coffee who source locally farmed Sri Lankan arabica beans from the subtropical Hill Country.  They bring you the best of Ceylon coffee, single origin, handcrafted and roasted in the highlands - Ceylon coffee at its best.

"Soul coffee brings you the best of handcrafted ceylon coffee, sustainably grown in the highlands of Sri Lanka." - @soulcoffee

Who made your MENU?

Showcasing the very best in Sri Lankan seasonal produce through modern brunch classics we teamed up with Ash Hays from @formysenses who joined the Salty crew and we put together a menu based on a healthy surfing lifestyle.

Our menu combines the freshest local ingredients with Western forms of preparation to bring something different to the table. Avo on toast paired with local sambals from the region, contemporary twists on classic Sri Lankan breakfasts, everywhere you look on our menu is a meeting point between the methodologies of one culture fusing with the flavours and ideas of another.

We also strive to make our menu totally inclusive; there are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan options at all times, plus a few things for our more carnivorous clientele as well.


No added sugar just goodness. All our juices smoothies and shakes are made fresh here by our "blendoligist" - no added sugar just goodness. We use raw sugar for pickling and in baking fresh muffins thats it. 

DAiry free?

See Vegans for more details on this - but we have lots of dairy free options take a look at our menu.


When Did you OPEN?

January 2017 was the offical day we opened but Swamis was alive well before that... Head to the story page to learn more about us.

ARE you really local?

Yes. We are from Sri Lanka...Head to the story page to learn more about us.


We love animals just ask May about her dogs... But seriously we have a menu that strives to be totally inclusive for everyone.  There are always vegan options available as well as gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian. See the menu and follow Ash from @formysenses 


We with work local farmers from the area and use locally grown ingredients where possible. While we don't have certifications from these farmers we ask them not to use sprays and nasty pesticides and we think most of them are pretty honest with us. 

What is a Swami?

Swami, Yogi, Master, Guru... Teacher. These are one and the same.