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Our Story

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Salty Swamis is the brainchild of Yhevin & Yanik Tissera. The Brothers grew up in Sri Lanka, where they became invested in surfing and local surf culture. As adults, they both moved to Melbourne where they became involved in the hospitality industry and specialty coffee. Swamis represents a symbiosis of those two experiences. 

Swamis was created around an ethos of pushing lifestyle over business, to put an emphasis on building a space that inspires people to create with one another, all the while celebrating surf, food, culture and coffee. Having spent four years on the east coast of Sri Lanka building up Hideaway Blue in Arugam Bay, the boys were looking for an extension of that same experience on the other coast. Not just with their love of beans and barrels but also in finding a way to continue giving back and fostering the local surf community.

"The Swami's spirit is all about broadening the scope on what can be achieved in the food and beverage industry, while pushing forward the surf culture all the way round the coast." -  @yaniktissera

 OUR Food


For My Senses

Showcasing the very best in Sri Lankan seasonal produce through modern brunch classics we teamed up with Ash Hays from @formysenses who joined the Salty crew and we put together a menu based on a healthy surfing lifestyle.

Our menu combines the freshest local ingredients with Western forms of preparation to bring something different to the table. Avocado on toast paired with local sambols from the region, contemporary twists on classic Sri Lankan breakfasts, everywhere you look on our menu is a meeting point between the methodologies of one culture fusing with the flavours and ideas of another.

We also strive to make our menu totally inclusive; there are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan options at all times, plus a few things for our more carnivorous clientele as well.

"I love food. I love it’s smells, it’s textures, it’s tastes, it’s colours, and all it’s memory inducing qualities. I love how it can bring people together and give even the oddest groups of people something to connect over. New ingredients and combinations excite me and that’s why I am always trying new cuisines and new ingredients." -  @formysenses



Our Crew



Swami Family

The dream of bringing Salty Swamis to life could not have happened without our community. A mix of friends, family, artists, dreamers, surfers, musicians, and just plain old good people. See some of the crew below to explore our community and some of the amazing, talented and inspiring people who helped us realise this dream - thanks to you all. 

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