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The Salty Swamis surf shop was born from a desire to provide surfers on the island a tasteful, functional and locally appropriate selection of high-quality surf gear. By facilitating the needs of Sri Lanka's rapidly growing surfing subculture through our shop as well as supporting our local communities through the production of our own affordable and long-lasting soft top, we hope to aid the development of surfing on this tropical paradise.

It is our goal to play a positive and ethical role in the evolution of local surf history by photographic documentation of our sojourns through photography, creating original Sri Lankan surf art or simply by taking the surf experience of surfing back to its roots - inclusivity, freedom and overwhelming joy. 


Established in 2017 with the goal of creating the definitive alternative space for lovers of surf on the island, the Salty Swamis surf shop is located front and centre of Hikkaduwa’s bustling strip with direct access to the town’s main surf break.

The spacious premises have been carefully designed to create a relaxed, easy-going space with a laid-back atmosphere that flows seamlessly between a cafe, surf shop and art gallery. Our friendly team are well versed in all things surf and always happy to help out with the needs of surfers passing through our store. Apart from our curated range of high-quality surfboards and surfing hardware we also stock stylish clothing, limited edition art prints and other accessories specially selected with the need of contemporary surfers in mind. 


Whether you are just starting out in the water or a seasoned surf veteran, the Salty Swamis surf shop has you covered. With a diverse range of surf essentials curated for surfers by surfers, we stock the best quality hardware for all your surfing needs.


For beginners, we have self-branded Salty Swamis soft tops available in two sizes (8’0 & 8’6). For Intermediate surfers, the durable and forgiving epoxy range from Torq is a great fit. We also stock high-performance surfboard brands such a Pyzel and Chilli as well as custom alternatives (logs, fish and mid-lengths) from Ross Williams' concept boards, Gary Mcneill's Space Crafts and Terry Fitzgeralds’ handcrafted Hot Buttered Rainbow collection. Please don't hesitate to get in touch should you need help with anything in particular. 

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