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Two Brothers

Salty Swamis, the brainchild of brothers Yanik & Yhevin Tissera, represents the fruition of a lifelong dream. Growing up on the lush island of Sri Lanka, the boys fell in love with surfing and local surf culture. After moving to Melbourne as young adults, the brothers immersed themselves in the city's burgeoning hospitality and speciality coffee industry. Salty Swamis represents a symbiosis of those two formative experiences. 

Mark Faeilla _ Pappoo with single fin qu

Surf Culture

With a recorded history dating back more than half a century, Sri Lankan surf culture has a rich and storied heritage. Despite facing many setbacks including socio-economic challenges

and decades-long civil war, the surf lifestyle continues to thrive in this tropical paradise.

Salty Swamis is humbled to have been able to contribute to and document the development of contemporary surf culture on the island.

Food & Drink

The Salty Swamis' culinary ethos is informed primarily by the personal experiences of its founders. Our menu contains a careful balance of oriental and South Asian flavours paired with Western methods of preparation and presentation. We take great pride providing one of Sri Lanka's best contemporary coffee experiences, working closely with local roasters to produce dynamic blends. 



From the outset, environmental responsibility and sustainability were core tenets of the Salty Swamis ethos. Over the years we have cultivated a profound admiration for the natural world and believe that it is possible to manage an environmentally conscious and sustainable business while maintaining the high standards of quality that we are known for.


We work with a trusted network of like-minded individuals and organisations ranging from leading international surfboard and hardware manufacturers to the best local suppliers of tea, coffee and fabric. Having shared waves, beers, laughs and good times over the years, we view them not only as collaborators but also part of our extended family and an integral component of the Salty Swamis lifestyle.

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