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Terms & Conditions

Salty Swamis is based in Hikkaduwa, Southern Province, Sri Lanka. We are a Cafe, Surf Shop, and Boutique. Any advice and information we give is accurate to the best of our knowledge.   

Please read the following terms and conditions if you want to know more information about our business practices. 

We stock various other brands and products and each of these may have their own terms & conditions. It is important that you read the relevant and corresponding terms and conditions if you purchase a product from us and wish to know more about warranty and information specific to the product. This information can usually be found on the websites of each of the products. If you require additional information to that contained on their webpage, then we recommend that you contact that company directly for further clarification. 


Your Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to advise us of any pre-existing conditions, medical or otherwise, that might affect our service. Examples include allergies and intolerances to particular foods or other items.


We endeavour to ensure our prices are correct on both themes and for our products. However, we reserve the right to change our prices with no notice and the prices on our website are only a guide. We take no responsibility for price fluctuations arising from price changes of raw goods or currency fluctations. Accordingly, the price of your purchase is subject to change until such time as you pay for the product in full. 

Extra Costs

As is common practice in Sri Lanka, Salty Swamis charges a 10% service charge at our cafe which is passed on to the staff. However, tips are very much appreciated if you enjoy the service.


Please see our privacy statement here.

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